Outlander's Manifesto

The Outlander's Manifesto


                Everything that begins must also end. Our ancestors had many theories about how the world might end. Each innovation and discovery opened a new possibility for the inevitable destruction of the human race. Some thought that the end would come from an environmental collapse, or maybe a global thermonuclear war ending in mutual annihilation. Of course, scientists weren't the only ones who dreamt up catastrophes. Religions and cults the world over had theories ranging from seven headed dragons rising in the east to covetous space-aliens murdering us for control of the planet’s resources.

                All theories in some way, shape or form paint humanity as the architect of its own destruction. We destroyed the environment. We waged war without remorse and conquered whole civilizations simply for their gold and precious stones. Wouldn't the universe just be a better place without us? What has humanity done to earn its place? Three centuries ago humanity met with overwhelming adversity. The mass extinction event commonly known as “The Ether Apocalypse” had come. It would destroy most of the human species and make the natural environment all but uninhabitable. Many declared that the end had finally come. Humanity's time on this world had ended.

                A small technology company known as Eden rose from the ashes of the old world, and with their mastery of a new element they were able to shield a select few cities from the chaos and destruction. Eden had an opportunity to change the world. They could have saved billions of people. One cannot help but wonder how the world might be different today if Eden had seized upon that opportunity. They filled their cities to capacity with the best and brightest of the survivors, and then they raised their shields. Our forefathers stood outside of that shield and begged for salvation. Eden replied that the cities, now called “seeds of humanity”, could sustain no more. It was true, of course, and seeing the reason of that argument it was asked that instead they might share the technology so that new shields could be built. Eden’s reply was simple; they would not share their "trade secrets". The old government had been reduced to an Eden puppet show. On every account they sided with Eden. At the push of a button Eden's CEO could lower their shields and doom them to die with the rest.

                Our ancestors were abandoned to the darkness and the abominations that dwell within. Many did not survive those first years, but those who did were forever changed. They knew that the mistakes of the old world could not be repeated. The end had not come, not yet. The prophets were right about one thing however; humans are the architects of their own destruction. We are not all murders nor are we all slaves to greed. Too many of us commit a far greater sin: sloth. Our predecessors had become complacent, they watched as governments and corporations tore the world apart around them and did nothing. The abandoned never forgot this lesson. They taught their children to do what must be done to protect their way of life.

                Now, after two centuries Eden has lowered their shields. They offer us aid and supplies, and the chance to beg for one of their shields. They think we have forgotten. They name us terrorists, thieves, and murders. We do only what we must for the good of our people. We will not allow Eden and their like to ruin this world a second time. We will fight them, whatever the cost. We have earned our place in the world. Humanity will survive.

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