Volume 2 Debut


You may have noticed that we took a small break from publishing new Awoken stories. It has been almost two years since our last post. Oops.

When we started Awoken Adrian and myself were in college. It was just a fun little side project to help us improve our writing. Back then we had no idea if we would even make past the first two stories. As a result, the first volume was a mass of continuity errors, inconsistent writing style, and a tone that was equally inconsistent. Compiling, editing, and publishing the first volume took nearly as long as writing it did. At the end, we were burnt out. I'll admit that there was a time when I wondered if we would ever actually write the promised second volume.  

Here we are though. It's two years later. I'm married. Adrian and I have both graduated college, gotten our first and second big boy jobs, and we are back in the saddle. I'm very happy to be continuing the stories of some our favorite characters from volume 1, and introducing several new ones. In addition to the Awoken Anthology itself, we're working on a few additional content areas that we hope to be bringing online in the coming weeks. We will be attempting to get new Awoken stories out each month. All of Volume 2 has been planned out and is being written as we speak. 

Please check back each month for brand new stories and a few other surprises. 

As always, thank you so much and happy reading,